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About Us

george-tyriaEnvision Planet exists for one reason and one reason only: to help youth and young adults see and realize a future full of opportunity.

Envision Planet is the first and only unique collaborative community designed to help mentoring organizations and their member mentors guide, advise, support and encourage high school students and other youth and young adults to envision, plan for, and achieve a more promising future.

Envision Planet is the brain child and life-long passion of founder and CEO George Johnson, whose background has one foot planted squarely in the youth market and the other in the business world as the creator and nurturer of several successful business ventures.

Youth advocate: George was a special education teacher in the Minneapolis Public School System and a camp counselor for At Risk youth, where he worked to make sure that each student and young person set goals for him/herself and had a plan to achieve them. Years later, George founded Tel.A.Vision ~ the precursor to Envision Planet ~ which was a website to help youth in transition create vision videos of their future; the success of site was and remains the inspiration behind Envision Planet.

Business entrepreneur: George was the Co-Founder and CEO of Internet Broadcasting and CEO of Alpha Video and is current owner of Entrevis, where he has been coach and business adviser to over 100 financial advisers, small business owners, and budding visionaries.

Ellen Carey of Forrester Research had this to say about Envision Planet: “The Envision Planet business model and community is the most innovative education business model I’ve heard about in a very long time!”

Envision Planet – 952-392-8650