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Rotary Strive

We have a vision to improve the Rotary Strive programs through an interactive networking site for coordinators and local Strive groups.

We are setting up a custom  Internet platform just for Rotary members and Strive coordinators. The goal of the site is to be one place to keep mentoringall relevant information about the Strive program. Strive groups can post their yearly curriculums, best practices, photos, videos and more.  Coordinators can share best practices for how to recruit students. We will have forums where coordinators can ask questions of other coordinators and communicate with other Strive coordinators. We will have information on training a new coordinator.

Why are we doing this?

To give Strive programs more tools with which to actively engage and interact with students, and to leverage the pervasive power of technology and social media, Envision Planet has developed an interactive networking site designed to help high school students Envision their future ( by creating Vision Videos), use our tools and the community to Plan for it, and Network with mentors to make it a reality. These local Networking sites are sold to Strive programs for a yearly subscription.

The social media universe is the preferred medium of communication for this generation; it’s where they spend a good amount of time, where they are knowledgeable, confident, and comfortable. The Envision Planet website was carefully crafted to incorporate the best aspects of sites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc. Electronic communications also benefit time-pressured mentors who often don’t have the time for in-person meetings and who want more flexibility in how they connect with students.

Contact us and see how Envision Planet can help you help work closer with other Strive program coordinators and the students under your tutelage.

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