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We’re looking for a few “vision collaborators” curious to learn more about how to partner with us as we set out on our mission of doing well by doing good. That is, we need far-sighted, community-involved companies and organizations that serve the youth market to collaborate with us as we roll out this unique social networking site.

It’s an opportunity to do well – reaching, influencing and bonding with an immense audience of potential customers – by doing good – helping high school students plan for and achieve better futures. It’s an opportunity to get involved with this audience at the emotional, formative stage of their lives when they are developing the brand relationships that could well last a lifetime.

The National Mentoring Partnering Organization estimates that “…An astounding 18 million young people – nearly half the population of young people between 10 and 18 years of age – live in situations that put them at risk of not living up to their potential.” This is the market Envision Planet seeks to serve with this offering.

We’d love to talk with you about some potential partnership opportunities that may be of value to both parties. What these opportunities might be is open to exploration at this point.

Contact us if you see as we do the enormous potential in doing well by doing good, and to explore the art of the possible.