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Want to Be an Expert?

Our Experts go through a rigorous selection process. They need to have proven expertise that can help our students learn more and want to learn more, become better informed, plan wisely for the future, develop confidence, take advantage of the options available to them, and ultimately reach their vision. If you think you fit the description of a potential Expert, take the next step and read our Expert Promise. If you decide to pursue Expert status, you need to do three things to start the process:

  1. Apply here to fill out our application and send us your resume and credentials (you must be a Resource Admin or Mentor to apply).
  2. Have a conversation with our site administrator.
  3. Complete a background check.

Once you have completed those steps, we’ll let you know if your application has been preliminarily approved. If it has been , you will have 1 month to fulfill your Expert Requirements ~ upon doing so, you will be officially designated an Expert.